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"This is way more fun than grocery shopping!"

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By The Bushel Community Food Cooperative
By the Bushel Community Food Co-operative

Welcome to the 2014 season!

Come check out our store at 196 Brock Street (behind the Youth Emergency Shelter, on the main floor of the Carriage House). Our shelves, fridge and freezer are stocked with a wide variety of items available for members to purchase including frozen meats, feta cheese, goat cheese, flour, wild rice, maple syrup, cooking oils, jams, salsa, dry beans, pasta, fudge and so much more! So come and do your weekly shopping at your friendly local food co-op!

November and December Store Hours:

Thursdays 10:00am - 6:00pm

(The store will be open until 7:00pm on the third Thursday of the month to accommodate Winter Basket pick-ups)

Fridays 9:00am - 1:00pm

However, our skilled producers have started the growing season and are producing lots of beautiful, fresh produce. It's not too late to order your basket for the season. Summer, fall and winter basket options are available. Please become a member to purchase a basket. Weekly or bi-weekly summer baskets run from June until November. Monthly winter baskets run from November to February. To inquire about basket availability and sign up for a subscription, please email us at coop@bythebushel.ca or call (705) 760-1387. Basket deposits and payments can be facilitated through the site under the "Make a Purchase" section. They may also be dropped off during store hours, mailed, or dropped off to the YES (196 Brock Street, K9H 2P4) and mark the envelope with "By the Bushel". For more information on all basket options and how to reserve, click here .

If you don't have a weekly or bi-weekly basket but would like the occasional basket, please send an e-mail to coop@bythebushel.ca and we will call you on Friday mornings when we have extra.

New members welcome!

See what we are all about on You Tube. Thanks to Ben Laurie for the footage

A Range
of Local Products

By the Bushel offers weekly and bi-weekly summer produce baskets and monthly winter produce baskets. Our store also offers a wide variety of local and ecological products such as frozen meats, feta cheese, goat cheese, flour, wild rice, maple syrup, cooking oils, jams, salsa, dry beans, pasta, fudge and so much more!

What to expect in your basket - 82kb

What's New?

You are invited to By the Bushel's annual 'Feed The Farmer' potluck!!!

Here is a great chance to meet the farmers and producers who worked so hard this year to provide delicious and nutritious food for our baskets. This is also a chance say 'thank-you', by cooking them a great meal.

Please join the BTB community as we celebrate all the farmers and everything that helped grow such delicious and nutritious food this season!

We will be gathering at: Sadleir House, 751 George Street North, Peterborough, ON on Thursday November 27th from 6pm-8pm

If you are a 'consumer' please bring a dish (nut-free) to share, if you are a farmer please bring only yourself (and your family)! This is an all-ages event. The more the merrier! Please RSVP to coop@bythebushel.ca

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